The average year-round temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius.  The hottest months are September and October, when the temperature can reach 90 to 95 degrees (33 to 35C).  However, the consistent easterly trade winds temper the heat and keep life comfortable.


Citizens of the TCI are termed “Belongers” and are primarily descendants of African slaves who were brought to the Islands to worn on the salt ponds and cotton plantations.   The country now has a large expatriate population, with nationalities including Britain, Canada and the United States. The overall population is estimated at 35,000.


A valid driver’s license is required to drive in the TCI.

Medical Services 

On both Grand Turk and Providenciales there are large modern hospitals. Both facilities offer a full range of services including: 24/7 emergency room, operating theatres, diagnostic imaging, maternity suites, dialysis suites, blood bank, physiotherapy and dentistry.  In addition, several general practitioners operate in the country, and there is a recompression chamber, along with a number of private pharmacies throughout the TCI.


Incoming pets must have an import permit, veterinary health certificate, vaccination certificate, and lab test results to be submitted at the port of entry to obtain clearance from the TCI Department of Agriculture, Animal Health Services.