H.E.  Dr.  John Freeman, CMG

The Governor is the Queen’s official representative in the Islands. He is responsible for chairing Cabinet meetings and ensuring the good governance in the Territory.

Under the Constitution, the Governor has responsibility for defence, external affairs the regulation of international financial services; and internal security, including the police force.  The Queen also has the power to legislate for the Islands by Order in Council and to instruct the Governor through the British Government’s Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs.

Deputy Governor 

Hon. Mrs. Anya Williams
Hon. Mrs. Anya Williams

The Deputy Governor is appointed by the Governor by way of an open application process.  The position may be considered the most senior civil service post as the Deputy Governor heads the Public Service, the line manager for permanent secretaries, and is a non-voting member of Cabinet.

The Deputy Governor also acts as Governor when the latter is away from the territory.  Under the Constitution, this position must be held by a native islander.

Attorney General

Hon. Mrs. Rhondalee Brathwaite Knowles OBE
Hon. Mrs. Rhondalee Brathwaite Knowles OBE

The Attorney General of the Turks and Caicos Islands is appointed by the Governor under Section 91 of the 2011 Constitution.

The Attorney General is the legal adviser to the Government and the House of Assembly. The Attorney General is a non-voting member of the Cabinet and one of five non-elected members of the House of Assembly.

When both the Governor and Deputy Governor are absent from the territory or unable to perform the functions of their offices, the Attorney General assumes the role of acting Governor and or presides over a meeting of the Cabinet in their absence. The Attorney General’s responsibilities also include the administration of Crown Land which is done through the Lands Division.

The House of Assembly

There are 19 seats in the Turks and Caicos Islands’ House of Assembly.  Fifteen (15) of these seats are filled by candidates who have been directly elected.  There are also four (4) other members, one nominated by the Premier and one nominated by the Leader of the Opposition. The Governor also makes two appointments on the advice of the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition.

Office of the Premier 

Honourable Sharlene L. Cartwright-Robinson

The Premier is the political leader and head of government of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In 2006, the Turks and Caicos Islands new Constitution introduced the title of Premier as a replacement for the post of Chief Minister.  It is the highest political level that can be attained within the British Overseas Territories.

Premier Cartwright-Robinson is also the Minister of Finance, Investment and Trade.

Cabinet Ministers are:

Deputy Premier 

Hon. Sean Astwood

Responsible for: Border Control and Employment

Hon. Karen Malcolm

Responsible for: Education, Youth, Sports and Library Services

Hon. Goldray Ewing  

Responsible for: Infrastructure, Housing and Planning

Hon. Delroy Williams

Responsible for: Home Affairs, Agriculture and Human Services

Hon. Edwin Astwood

Responsible for: Health, Agriculture and Human Services

Hon. Ralph Higgs 

Responsible for: Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture